The Region

Sils Maria; located in the holiday region of Engadin-St.Moritz

A “village of power” located at the bottom of mount Furtschellas

Sils became a touristic destination in the second half of the 19th century. Tourism has been one of the major industries in the village since. This means that despite the small population of the town, there is a large variety of excellent restaurants and many upper class hotel businesses.

After tourism, agriculture is also an important economic factor for the village. There are also several local craftsmanship businesses. This means that people living in Sills have a great touristic infrastructure right at their doorstep.

Modern sporting facilities, a variety of different shops, as well as a primary and a nursery school are available in the local area. These are just further privileges that the residents of Sills can enjoy.

Sils is located on an idyllic high plateau at around 5600ft (1.803 metres) between the lakes Silsersee and Silvaplanersee. The village is located in the Swiss canton Graubünden. The village is split into two parts “Sils Maria” and “Sils Baselgia” and the total local population is 750. The village is often described as small, quaint, sunny, and even mystical. Sils has been described as a “village of power”. Both Friedrich Nietzsche and Hermann Hesse described it as a town that gave them great inspiration.

The “Edelweiss Conversion” is located in the Sils Maria part of the village, opposite the 4-star-hotel Edelweiss that enjoys a long running tradition. This is also where the name for the property development comes from. The new estate is a real ‘bijou’ considering its quiet location, the close proximity to the lake and the magnificent view of the Swiss mountains.