Decor & Features

Décor and Features of the pretty property development in Sils (Engadin)

Making Comfort a Priority

Because of its great location in Sils Maria, a village that offers the luxury of nature while still being well connected and close to both sporty and cultural activities, it was evident that this luxurious theme had to continue on the inside of our properties.

All doors were made form veneered oak, and all floors are high quality parquet floors.

The spacious bathrooms are finished with stylish ceramic and use natural stone to create a warm atmosphere. Similar materials are in use in the modern premium kitchens.

We provide a variety of different customisation options for your kitchen, so you can choose exactly how you want your kitchen to be furnished, making it individual and specific to you. Our kitchens are fitted with the latest appliances, which will ensure that the kitchen becomes the centre of your and your family’s life here.

You will be able to freely choose your bathroom fittings and appliances from a wide variety of high quality products.

The open plan design of the flats – that already starts in the hall – ensures that you have the possibility to participate in the family life whenever you wish to do so. It does not matter if you are reading the paper in the living room or if you are in the kitchen.

There are obviously areas of retreat as well. These are the bedrooms with their large panorama windows. They make for a great view and let you leave lots of sunshine in, if you wish.

Every flat is planned to have a fireplace, which will provide ease, comfort, and warmth on the colder days of the year. This means that you can get comfortable in your living room while watching the sunset through the panorama windows.

Each apartment is different, and each and every one of them has its own charm. This combined with your personal touch will make the dream of the perfect apartment become true. Maybe you will be one of the lucky owners soon?