Execution Plan

Execution of the Edelweiss Conversion in Engadin, Graubünden Region

When perfection becomes the standard – Living in one of the most beautiful parts of Switzerland

Most apartments stretch over two floors.
While those on the ground floor all have wonderful terraces and private gardens, the ones on the higher floors have each got a balcony from which you can enjoy the amazing view of Engadin’s landscapes.

The exceptional execution of this development is largely due to the expertise and know-how provided by the MIA Architectura architecture office, based in St. Moritz. Numerous properties, from detached houses down to loft developments have previously been looked after by the company. MIA Architectura excels at combining traditional construction with modern elements in order to turn the dream of the perfect home into a reality.

This estate has been created in cooperation with the Küchel Architects AG architecture office. Both companies have worked hard to meet the demand for luxurious properties located in untouched Swiss nature.

The construction work is officially overseen by AG Hotel Edelweiss in Sils Maria.

Any enquiries regarding the construction, purchase or selling enquiries should be directed toward Mr. Marco Pitsch, who was commissioned for this position by Andrea Pitsch AG.

He can be reached on his office phone +41 (0)81 830 02 22 or via e-mail (marco.pitsch@pitsch.ch).

Any construction work was executed only by reputable businesses from the local area. High quality and excellent craftsmanship were a priority when selecting these businesses.

The following business participated in the construction of the properties:

Architect MIA Architectura
Master Builder Andrea Pitsch AG
Owners Representative Andrea Pitsch AG
Construction Truestee MS Bautreuhand AG
Construction Engineering Edy Toscano AG
Sanitary and Heating Planning S. Collenberg & Co
Electrical Planning Capaul Engineering AG
Geothermal Probe Drilling (overall project) Capo Bohr AG
Inside and Outside Painting Malerei Giovanoli
Natural Stone Walling Del Curto GmbH
Floor Covering Giacometti Interieur
Ceiling Covering Major Spezialbeläge AG
Schreinerarbeiten Rudolf Eichholzer & Co
Carpenter Beffa GmbH
Metal Construction & Handrails Metallbau Pfister
Hard Plaster work & Facade Palombo AG
Glass work XGlas AG
Chimney & Exhaust Pipes Luzi Kaminbau
Electric installations Räto Camenisch AG
Rolling Blinds Griesser AG
Sealings Rüttimann Bau Engineering AG
Lights Futura Luce
Windows 4B Bachmann AG
Lifts AS Aufzüge AG
Insulation AGI AG für Isolierungen
Plumbing & Roofing Meuli AG
Timber Work Engadiner Holzbau
Ventilation Appliances Giston AG
Gardening Schutz Gartenbau