Nature & Culture

If you are looking to find a quiet place to relax, but do not want to give up easy access to art, culture, and a certain lifestyle, then Sils is perfect for you.

Sils is located in very close proximity to the glamorous St. Moritz. This allows you to join in with the jetset life by seeing a live polo game, or by visiting a gourmet restaurant, indulging in some of the best food that Switzerland has to offer. A large amount of different cultural events makes Sils become a hideaway for everyone interested in art.

Sils in Engadin is a sheer paradise for different physical activities.

Hiking, sailing, and golf are only a few of the many different activities that you can enjoy. There is an infinite amount of sporting possibilities in the region. What is best – however – is that when you return to your flat after an active day out, you realise why you have chosen Sils. It’s because finding luck is easier than you think sometimes.

In Engadin there is also a national park. The park is located between the villages of Zernez, Schanf, Scuol, Val Mustair and Lavin, and is the older national park in the Alps. It was founded in 1914.

Since 1979 the park is an official UNESCO biosphere reserve. You should definitely plan a trip there if you haven’t done so already. The park is a great area for all types of nature watching and is not only for grown-ups; kids enjoy trips to the Swiss national park just as much.